…But What’s It All About?

Many people, when asked what a film (or book, or whatever) is about, will proceed to tell you what happens in it. Which is not even remotely the same thing. Star Wars, for example, is about the struggle between good and evil, the finding inside our selves of the strength to carry on that battle, and how, if we’re not careful, one can become the other, a statement that is true of a good majority of fantasy (at least fantasy written prior to 2000, fantasy written after 2000 seems to mainly be about being morbid and maudlin). A description of what happens in it would take a bit longer.

I’m more of a “What’s it about?” kind of guy myself, I don’t need to know what happens in a story, and although I don’t necessarily object to a plot-synopsis, it’s not really going to help me determine whether I really want to see something or not. After all, if you’re even the teeniest bit cynical about it the same sequence of events takes place in about 80% of all movies released, and some of them are worth watching and others aren’t, and I will generally appreciate movies or books with certain themes/ideas, regardless of the finer points of the plot.

So don’t look to this blog for descriptions of what happens in stories, because you’ll be disappointed. On the other hand, these reviews are unlikely to contain too many spoilers…


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