Hugh Reviews No Diggity

When I was a teenager I hated r’n’b. Hated it with great fervour, I did. Then, one day, I saw No Diggity on Video Hits.

It was slick. It had a wicked little piano sub-riff.

It had marionettes.

I still hated r’n’b, but I loved that song. I still love that song. And I’m far from the only one, No Diggity is no longer a song, it’s an institution. Some of my friends had never heard of this song. No one knows where the bodies are buried. Over the last few years I’ve heard some pretty sweet cover versions, below are 3. Each brings a distinct new character to the mix, while preserving what was great about the original. And also, the original, because why not?


Hugh Reviews Slowing Down

AKA Hugh’s Non-DNB By DNB Artists Playlist

Drum and bass artists have been blasting out some great cross-genre output for as long as drum and bass has been around. These days that probably means dubstep but previously it has been predominantly house and downtempo/rare-groove stylings. Here are a few of my faves, new and old. (Sorry about the clipped nature of some of the tracks and the poor sound quality, there weren’t a lot of options on the ‘tube…)

Nookie – Stepping Back

Omni Trio – Native Place

Spectrasoul – Away With Me

Blame – Oceans of Hope

LTJ Bukem – Constellations