Hugh Reviews CUB’s “Hello Beer” Ad Campaign

It is not in any way a new idea that the entire global marketing fraternity are Satan’s devil-monkeys sent to earth to drag humanity down to the most wretched, degraded levels of consumer misery, all in the aid of someone who has never been without everything they could possibly want or need accruing a slightly larger number of meaningless currency units, but occasionally they really pull out all the stops and show us what loathsome arse-hats they really are. CUB’s “Hello Beer” campaign is one of those times.

The campaign is essentially a call to shun any-and-all responsibility and get loaded, hardly something teenagers need to be encouraged to do. I don’t object at all to a little bit of unhealthy fun now and then, but it’s baffling that in a country that is so overly-concerned with the well-being of its constituents that it has a tendency to treat them as disobedient children ad campaigns can exist that essentially encourage behaviour likely to lead to liver-damage, depression, and broken dreams. Honestly, the tag-line of this campaign may as well read: “Alcoholism: it’s cool!”, or “Binge-drinking: get into it!” And in the context of the images featured in this campaign the admonishment to ‘enjoy responsibly’ is shown up as the hollow kowtow to political correctness that it is.

Verdict: The film of pond-scum that dreamed this masterpiece up should be sent to prison to spend the next five years being sodomised against its will, along with every other wretched individual who thinks it’s justifiable to mislead, bully, and bamboozle people for money.


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